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Welcome to bodycoach.nu!
The goal of this site is to inspire you and to help you grow and develop as a human being and to find the joy in exploring and discovering new possibilities for health and prosperity. This can be achieved in many ways. I have found a lot of inspiration in the physical. Our body is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives! It is where we integrate our experiences, ground our  knowledge, digest our emotions and it is where our wisdom and intuition reside.Let the body become your source for power, pleasure and rejuvenation as it was meant to be!I have more than fifteen years of experience working with different forms of fitness and alternative therapies. I offer  body-coaching, qigong, tao yoga, stretching and various other forms of treatment for private individuals and for companies. I have also written two books about male and female sexuality and taoism. So far only in swedish.About me
Wellness and alternative therapies have long been one of my greatest interests. Therefore, I have taken many different educational programs in various massage techniques, bodywork, qigong, yoga, voice dialogue, shamanic wisdom, herbs, psychology etc. I am quite well traveled and have received training in Sweden as well as abroad.. My own exploration has always increased my curiosity and strengthened my will to continue to develop and explore myself, others, and life in general.  I have practiced different disciplines in depth for extended periods. I have learned that every person is unique, the importance of self acceptance, and that all techniques are only tools towards a common goal: to become ourselves and find our natural place on the planet. I have great respect for the body’s capacity to heal itself and see myself as a helper to allow that space to manifest.For companies
I have a lot of experience providing massage in different company environments. These services are  much appreciated and helpful for the staff’s necks, shoulders, arms and backs. I bring my own massage chair or a massage table and offer oil massage or energy massage on acupuncture points. I also teach stretching or qigong for groups at the work place. If you are interested or want to know more, please contact:info@bodycoach.nu (This e-mail address is protected from spam-bots and you must have Javascript installed on your computer to see it)  or tel:0739-483943

Body coaching
In Body coaching I will guide you to more beneficial,  conscious contact with your body. The purpose is to increase your body awareness, improve your posture and contact with body signals and to find tools for recovery. The body is a mirror of your personality and your personal history. Here I use all my skills – treatments, qigong-exercises and psychological tools such as  voice dialogue. One of the goals is also to create a daily program specially designed for you.

Qigong has always been one of my biggest passions and has always provided me with satisfaction, development and rejuvenation. I focus on various styles like Xing Shen Zhuang, Tian Ti andTao Yoga. I also have courses especially for women, where my basics are Healing Love from Mantak Chia’s system, Universal Tao. My main teachers are Mantak Chia, David ”Shen” Verdesi and Wang Ting Jun. Today I also regularly study with Andrew Fretwell, Yuan Tze and Lujan Matus.

I offer different kinds of massage and bodywork treatments. Energy massage or traditional Japanese massage on acupuncture points, deep tissue oil massage, and chi nei tsang – a powerful Chinese massage directly on the organs in the abdomen, and face zone therapy. I also give voice dialogue sessions, a fantastic tool for self-discovery and development. And i am a ISNS Meta-coach.

I give courses and treatments mainly in Stockholm. If any of this interests you, don’t hesitate to contact me at: info@bodycoach.nu (This e-mail address is protected from spam-bots and you must have Javascript installed on your computer to see it) or tel:+46-(0)739-483943