The woman´s anatomy and erotic zones – lecture for all

Datum: 24 maj 2019
Tid: 18.00 – 20.00
Plats: Helsinki, Finland
Kostnad: 20 €Lecture 2 hour with Irene Andersson
The woman’s anatomy and erotic zones and flows!

An evening for those who want to learn more about female sexuality and become more aware and open up for the possibility of more enjoyment and pleasure. Why has the woman’s sexuality remained a mystery for so long and what do we know about the woman’s erotic zones and ejaculation? Modern research is combined with wisdom from various eastern traditions of thought that look to the whole.
Tao emphasizes the importance of understanding your body to understand yourself and sees the erotic flows as part of our essence.
A lecture with facts, pictures and a brief introduction to the Women’s Tao. You may also try a taoist meditation exercise!

Irene Andersson is from Sweden and a passionate sexual educator specialized in the taoist sexual practice and pelvic floor release. She is an experienced and knowledgeable lecturer who in a natural way shares her knowledge of the woman’s and the man’s body and sexuality. read more:

Place: Sensa, Mechelininkatu 49, Töölö, Helsinki
Price: 20 e (including tea and snack)
All are welcome!

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