Embody your soul power!

Datum: 2020 (nya datum kommer)
Tid: fre kl 18 -  sön kl 17.00
Plats: Stockholm
Kostnad: 3.500:- (350€) (early bird before 1 sep 3.300:-)

Embody your soul power – Transforming our relationship to Power – Personal power versus Soul Power - 
Inner taoist alchemy and pelvic floor awareness!

Full weekend with Andrew Fretwell and Irene Andersson
Listen to Andrew talking about our upcoming course.

Personal power is at the heart of our spiritual journey and self-development. If we don’t have a flowing relaxed and self-aware relationship to the enormous amount of Soul power contained inside each of us, we will project that great power onto the outer world and give away our most precious inner resource

The pelvic floor is the embodied physical location for the very source of our power, the Water (qi) Chi energy that is stored physically in our kidneys and at a deeper level is flowing in from our Soul. The Taoists call this great storehouse of energy Jing and it is the source of our creativity and our sexuality. When our Water Chi is abundant, new ideas come easily to us, and we trust our instinct; we feel very strong, and very powerful. Out of this sense of power come calmness and gentleness. We have no need to push or be stressed.

This course will focus on very powerful physical pelvic floor exercises to release the pelvic floor combined with internal alchemy meditations.

During this weekend you will explore:
* How ancestral wounding patterns are stored in the water (soul & personal power) element.
* How our sexual and creative energy’s need a safe unobstructed physical container (the pelvic floor).
* How opening the pelvic floor allows the fully the support of the Earth to flow into body and mind so we always feel relaxed with others.
* Pelvic floor anatomy – physical and energetic to understand the physical and energetic container for our power.
* Pelvic floor awareness and release exercises combined with forgiveness of our ancestral past.
* Deep Earth pulsing Qi Gong for grounding.
* Bone breathing and hormonal gland activation to release stress and harmonize the endocrine system.
* 5 intelligences, one mind inner alchemy meditation practices to release deep personal and ancestral fear patterns form the Kidneys and sexual organs.
*A true understanding of Forgiveness’ developed by Andrew Fretwell that transforms deep seated repeating stuck patterns that hinder our true power.

Teachers: Andrew Fretwell and Irene Andersson.
Where: Kundalinicentret, Rejmersholmsvägen 79, T-Hornstull, Stockholm.
Date: 25-27/10 2019
Time: fre 18-21, sat 10-20, sun 10-17.
Price: 350 € (3.500 sek)

Before 1 sep 2019: 3.300:-

Andrew Fretwell is a native from United Kingdom now living in Romania. At the age 21 he had a powerful spiritual experience that changed his perception of the world aroun him. It was the on-going challenge of grounding that experience in his day to day life that led him to different teachers and systems of self-cultivation. Studying with Mantak Chia realized the importance of the physical and emotional bodies in beeing refined containers for the very high frequencies of our spirit and began to specialize in Chi Nei Tsang, which he then further developed to OFT (Original Feeling Touch). Both very powerful bodywork. Andrew have experienced thousands of bodies as well as trained many professionals. He is also the founder of WuJi Gong – A World Wide Awakening, a non-profit organization organzation now in more that 17 countries. The latest years he is passionate about sharing Gene Keys transmission in europe and threw that helping people to get clarity in the soul.
Andrew is an autentic teacher and transmit his knowledge in a very powerful and natural way.

Irene Andersson (from Sweden) is an experienced workshop leader who has over 25 years of experience as a bodyworker. She has been teaching Qigong since 1998, specialised in the Taoist sexual practice. She is the author of two books in Swedish (soon to be translated into English): ”The Women’s Tao” and ”The Men’s Tao”. Irene combines modern science with wisdom from Eastern traditions. She is very passionate about sharing how to restore vitality and health into our pelvic floor. ”My view is holistic and my respect and confidence in the body and mind’s own strength and self-healing ability has only been strengthened over the years. Our task is to create space for that to happen”.

Don´t miss this! Andrew is back in Sweden!

Info:  Irene Andersson
mobil: 0739-483943
E-mail: irene@bodycoach.nu

Ensure your place by paying registrationfee 800:- to
BG: 379-4807 (Procreative)
Swish: 1231447671

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