Pelvic Floor Muscles and The Female Prostate with Deborah Sundahl and Irene

Datum: 16/2, 16/3, 20/4 – 2022
Tid: 18.00 – 22.00
Plats: Webinar online via Zoom
Kostnad: $120 (ca 1.000 skr)

The Pelvic Floor Muscles and The Female Prostate
Half Day Seminar with Taoist Sexuality Teacher Irene Andersson and Female Sexuality Author Educator Deborah Sundahl. Will take place online via zoom.

Introduction to the fascinating worlds of the pelvic floor muscles, their anatomy and care, and the female prostate, its anatomy, orgasm and ejauclate with master sexual wellness teachers Irene Andersson and Deborah Sundahl.

More webinar dates during 2022:  16/2, 16/3, 20/4, 18/5, 16/6

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**Swedish people can pay Swish Irene: 123 144 7671
(Irene Andersson, ProCreative)**

Deborah Sundahl is the foremost pioneer and expert on female ejaculation and the G-spot. She is the author of Female Ejaculation and the G-spot. Her 30 years of Deborah-bookgroundbreaking contributions to this field include a line of videos titled the Female Ejaculation Sex Education Series (Isis Media, Inc.), which Deborah produced and hosts. She lectures and gives workshops in North America and Europe, and has taught thousands of men and women how to integrate the G-spot and female ejaculation into their erotic body and sexual life. She continues to be a spokesperson for female sexuality and an advocate for sex education.

Irene Andersson is an experienced workshopleader and bodycoach with over 25 years of exploring different bodywork and methods. Her speciality is Taoist sexual practice with focus on the pelvic floor and sexual health with Tao. She combines western science and research with wisdom from eastern traditions that look at the whole. Irene is passionate about sharing her knowledge of our bodies and erotic potential. She has gathered her insights in the books ”Kvinnans Tao” and ”Mannens Tao” (Women’s Tao and Men’s Tao), two good introductions to sex according to both Tao and Tantra.

Introduction to the fascinating worlds of the pelvic floor muscles, their anatomy and care, and the female prostate, its anatomy, orgasm and ejauclate with master sexual wellness teachers Irene Andersson and Deborah Sundahl.

 First Session 


Pelvic floor is an important part of our body. This is where you ground yourself and find inner security. It is our center and where our sexual potential resides. Functioning muscles support your genitals. By opening up to this flow you get a constant source of joy and power. The source of both health and pleasure is within you.

Learn about the muscles in your pelvic floor, how to find them, and to train them well.


Pelvic floor Muscles Anatomy and Function

Practical Exercises to Activate the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Guided Squeezing Exercises for PFM

Guided Taoist Meditation

Second Session


The G-spot is the female prostate. All women have one, as do all men. Therefore, all women have the ability to creates its incredible orgams and build and release its lovely ejaculate! Attend this course, and learn:

Where the prostate located, how to activate its vagus nerve to create the full bodied G-Spot orgasm, and how to get this wonderful feminine fountain™ flowing!  Learn about female ejaculation’s ancient history and current scientific studies. What is the female prostate’s function, and does it have a purpose for erotic pleasure and reproduction?

Deborah Sundahl’s Power Point lecture with illustrations, movie clip and Q&A will tell you all you need to know about the female prostate, and its female ejaculation and G-spot orgasm.


•What is the Female Prostate and Where it is Located in The Body

The G-spot is the Female Prostate, and All Women Have One

•Female Prostate’s Purpose in Erotic Wellness and Reproduction

*Female Ejaculate is Prostatic Fluid

•Appropriate Touch for the Female Prostate

*Modern Science History of the Female Prostate

Female Ejaculateʼs Ancient, Cross Cultural Herstory

•Learn If You Ejaculate or Not, and How to Do It When You Want To

•Why some Women Don’t Ejaculate and Others Do

•Tender Loving Care for the Female Prostate

*The Vagus Nerve and the Female Prostate

•The G-spot has a Different Nerve than the Clitoris

•The G-Spot Orgasm is a Female Prostate Orgasm

•Massaging the Prostate, Buidling Orgasm and Creating Ejaculate

•You Can See the Female Prostate (QuickTime movie 2 mins)

Let Go and Let it Flow!


Irene´s books on Female and Male Well-Being is now out in English!

Info:  Irene Anderssontwobooksfront mobil: 0739-483943

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