Myofascial & Pelvic Floor Release (50h Training)

Datum: 2019
Kostnad: 800€
With Beta Lisboa (BR) and Irene Andersson (SWE) in Stockholm

- 5 day training (50h)
- 50 hours certificate

Myofascial release is a subtle yet profound technique to free the body and spirit from deeply held traumas. This dedicated foundational training teaches students how to effectively release restrictions that are present in the body’s physical and energetic level, reprogram the body’s holding patterns and increase health on a cellular level.

Pelvic floor release is a treatment for dissolving tension in the pelvic floor muscles, fascia and other blockages in the area. When the energy is blocked in the root, either by physical tension, emotional burden, past trauma, patterns or habits since long time, it inhibits the energy flow in the whole body.
In this training you will learn you how to treat the pelvic floor both externally and internally (threw vagina or anus), give feedback on whether the muscles are too tight or too weak as well as specific exercise suggestions.

The quality of energy flow in the pelvic floor impacts our overall vibrancy. When you understand how to utilize this system, you can transform and cultivate the flow of energy. Building the physical strength of the pelvic muscles builds core stability in the root and grounding in the body. The ability to relax will increase our sensitivity and alertness to our life force energy. It is our root to wisdom, creativity, pleasure and trust in life.

· Anatomy of the pelvic floor and genitals
· Fascia anatomy and physiology
· Learn how to feel and manipulate fascia and free fascial restrictions
· Exercises to support the pelvic floor
· Understand the connection between trauma and fascia
· Principle of trigger points
· Learn powerful sacrum release techniques
· Release the psoas muscle
· Mapping the vagina/anus
· Learn very effective Jaw release to heal TMJ syndrome
· Understand body reading and how to use your intuition while working with myofascial release techniques
· Through demonstrations and practice, use myofascial release techniques for the entire body, including sacrum, pelvis, ankle, feet, legs, shoulders, arms, neck, jaws and face, lower back and arms.
· Learn how to create and hold a safe space

Beeing a bodyworker and want further education
Interest in bodywork and/or healing.

9:00 -13:00 Training
13:00 – 15:00 Lunch & Break
15.00-19.00 Training

- Beta Lisboa (BR)
Beta’s life purpose of guiding people through Body and Mind integration processes has been enriched by her many years of expertise in self-development. Passionate about unlocking people’s full potential, her approach is personal, thorough, deep, individualized, life-changing and specially suited to those who are curious about and ready for transformation in their lives.
Beta believes that what manifests within is also what is shown to us in our ‘outer’ world. Thus her guiding mantra has become ‘the body knows,’ a simple yet profound realization that we must tune in and listen to our physical selves for answers on matters of health, wellness and spiritual truth.
A number of health systems and modalities are covered in Beta’s work, including elements of Myofascial Release Therapy, Trauma Release Breathwork, Somatic Experiencing, Inner – Child work, Yoga, Chakra Healing Awareness and Mindfulness.

- Irene Andersson (SWE)
Irene an experienced workshop leader who has over 25 years of experience as a bodyworker. She has been teaching Qigong since 1998, specialised in the Taoist sexual practice. She is the author of two books in Swedish (soon to be translated into English): ”The Women’s Tao” and ”The Men’s Tao”. Irene combines modern science with wisdom from Eastern traditions. She is very passionate about sharing how to restore vitality and health into our pelvic floor. ”My view is holistic and my respect and confidence in the body and mind’s own strength and self-healing ability has only been strengthened over the years. Our task is to create space for that to happen”.

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