Pelvic Floor Release – 2 day workshop

Datum: 13-14 mar 2019
Tid: 9.00 – 18.00
Plats: Budapest, Hungary
Kostnad: 69.000 HUF
Do you want to connect with your deepest longing and acknwoledge your own naturalness? Learn to enjoy it and awaken possible pleasure? To ground yourself and connect deeper with your pelvic floor is very empowering. It´s like a big YES to yourself and feelings, like a deep knowing inside. Freeing your pelvic floor will affect your whole body. When frozen emotions start to loosen up, muscles releases it´s tension, stuck energy let go, the flow of life, creativity and wisdom will return to you.

This workshop is for women only. The purpose is to exploring your pelvic floor and the focus is to increase awareness and understanding.

Prerequest: It is requested to have some earlier experience from bodywork, yoga, qigong or sexual practice.

Pelvic floor release will help you to dissolving tension in the pelvic floor muscles, fascia and other blockages in the area. When the energy is blocked in the root, either by physical tension, emotional burden, past trauma, patterns or habits since long time, it inhibits the energy flow in the whole body.

You will learn about your pelvic floor, anatomy, function, issues and how to use the muscles well. We will do awareness exercises in class. Most of these awareness trainings will be about posture, movement and different squeezing exercises to feel the pelvic floor.
Some of this training will offer you the opportunity to use your fingers to identify the muscles inside your vagina, to understand if they are weak, tense, not functional and unfold blockages in the area. Then we will possibly work on eachother (you could also do some on yourself). Participation is always optional. This is a fantastic and rare opportunity to learn and get feedback about the state in your important pelvic floor.

You will learn:
Genital anatomy
Anatomy of the pelvic floor
How to hold and create a safe space
Stretching muscles and tissues
Exercises to support the pelvic floor

The quality of energy flow in the pelvic floor impacts our overall vibrancy.
When you understand how to utilize this system, you can transform and cultivate the flow of energy. Building the physical strength of the pelvic muscles builds core stability in the root and grounding in the body. The ability to relax will increase our sensitivity and alertness to our life force energy. It is our root to intuition, wisdom, pleasure and trust in life. See youtube blog here – in Hungarian!

Welcome to this 2-day delicate and exiting exploration!

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Single ticket: 69.000 HUF (only for women)
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