Taoist sexual practice – one day for women

Datum: 25 maj 2019
Tid: 10.00 – 18.00
Plats: Fagervik, Finland
Kostnad: 80 €
One day workshop
The Women´s Tao – Taoist sexual practice with focus on the pelvic floor
A full day where we will learn taoist sexual practice for women to get inspiration, knowledge and tools to increase pleasure and well-being. By cultivating our sexual energy we create intimacy with ourself and develop integrity and trust in our intuition and feeling. We will explore and deepen our receptivity and contact with our body, pelvic floor and sexual energy. It will be very grounding, uplifting and yet subtle.
This is for you who is interested in learning the principles from taoist sexology, whether for health, pleasure or spirituality. Theory is interspersed with physical exercises, guided meditations and sharing.

Time: Saturday 25.5 at 10-18
Price: 80e (includes vegetarian lunch and tea)
Place: The Dragon temple, Fagerviikintie 1395 in Fagervik, Inkoo
Sign up: latest 18.5 to petra@sacredcircles.love or +358505910041

About the teacher:
Irene Andersson is from Sweden and is a passionate sex educator specialized in the taoist sexual practice and pelvic floor release. She is an experienced and knowledgeable workshopleader who in a natural way shares her knowledge of the woman’s and the man’s body and sexuality. She combine modern research with wisdom from different eastern traditions that look to the whole.

She has been a certified sexual qigong instructor since 1998 and is trained at The Tao Garden in Thailand and spent a lot of time with taoist teachers in different countries. Worked as a bodyworker since early 90s and trained in various techniques; massage, pelvic floor release, chi nei tsang, yoga, tantra, meditation, coaching, voice dialogue. Irene is also an apprentice on the shamanic ”Sweet medicine sundance path”, a spiritual and esoteric wisdom path. Read more: www.bodycoach.nu
Irene is also an author – All my insights and uplifting exercises is summarised in my two books about male and female sexuality and taoism (Kvinnans Tao & Mannens Tao) soon to come in english: Reclaim your female sexuality: Taoist ways to pleasure, selflove and empowerment & Enjoy your male sexuality: Taoist ways to vitality, intimacy and potency. Relese expected to april 2019.

- Over the years I have guided and taught many women and I never cease to be surprised by the power of the exercises. My respect and confidence in the self-healing abilities of the body and mind has been strengthened and I see it as my task to help create space for that power to grow.

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